"ÇA VA": A Puppet Quarantine Film. by Jaime Beatty

A puppet struggles to find meaning in his life during quarantine…

CUNTRY by Coley Campany

A Behind the Music of one hit wonder and creator of the Grungtry 90’s sound CUNTRY. Where is she now? Find out who, what, and where is CUNTRY now.

Goodbye by Tony Akio Cohen

A group of work friends are unable to say goodbye to each other.

I'll Go Later by Scott Bennett

Scott needs to go out for a run, he’s trying to get fit. But it’s never that easy is it?

The Easter Egg Hunt by Oakmead Productions

A family take part in their annual Easter Egg Hunt however an uninvited guest makes an unwelcome appearance.

Total eclipse of the charts by Maria Glassner

A coronaparody video of total eclipse of the heart

WILBER by Max Shepardson

a Tinder hookup gets an interesting visitor.

Best Friends by Megan Smith

Claire’s best friends throw her a leaving party

Dudes by Colin Babcock

During a director’s commentary at a film festival, an interrupting audience member asks the ultimate question.

Hawkeye Sucks by Hunter Collins

A strung-out Stan Lee walks into Marvel Studios to pitch his newest comic book character: Marvel’s most average Avenger – the underwhelming “Hawkeye”.

Pandemic Episodes by NaTonia Monét

Relationships during quarantine.

The Cooking Challenge by Oakmead Productions

A Pancake making chef takes on one of his biggest challenges to date.

The Ghost of Bad Sex by Sarah Mills

The night before Christmas, Sarah is visited by three ghosts.

Uber Thoughts by Victor Zachary

A comical look at what your UBER driver ISN’T saying.

Session Two 6:30PM

20 Minutes to Life by Veronika Kurz

20 Minutes to Life is a short comedy about 11 year old “good kid” Olivia and her very first detention, which she imagines as a prison, complete with barred windows, guards, and a warden. Olivia must befriend the “bad kids” and figure out how to solve 20,000 math problems in 20 minutes in order to escape.

Coin Catcher by Mitchell Lucas

Kelly No-Drop is a former world record-holding Coin Catcher who eventually lost his way and has fallen on hard times. He frequents the Mongoose club looking for odd jobs from the sadistic Boss Boom. There he meets Dez, an accordion player who lives in a cold-water flat and asks Kelly if she can take a shower at his apartment. Dez helps Kelly find his Coin Catching groove again, but it will take more than a muse for Kelly to return to his former glory.

It's Stuck by Jefferson Randall

Jackie, a young, miserable woman, gets stuck in an elevator with a strange, bad-tempered mime while needing desperately to go the bathroom.

Lucy by Adam Tindall

A woman comes to suspect that her new boyfriend is in love with her cat.

Bryers Cucumber Tostino's by Chris Hall

The story of a man-boy who lives in a corner market, still waiting for his mom to come pick him up.

Friend of a Friend by Matthew Fisher

A failed musician takes a job at his uncle’s pet crematorium.

If you love her, let her go by Ilan Zerrouki

An amusing film that bridges very grounded, relatable issues with a fantastic premise and doesn’t overstay its welcome!

Name Calling by Dean Mathers

‘Name Calling’ is a comedic short about a garage band choosing a name for themselves before their first live performance. Not so simple when personalities clash, one band member insists on being controversial, while another wants universal appeal. The band must make their hardest creative decision and settle on a name before their debut.

Session Three 9:00PM.

Playground by Chase Parker

A married couple on the brink of divorce, decide to spice up their marriage by joining a swingers club.

Same Time Next Week by Gigi Burgdorf

During a series of high-stakes virtual meetings, Tom discovers an option in the software settings that may help his team win the pitch and save their jobs.

The Beacons of Gondor by Scott Paterson

Middle Earth is under siege, the Beacons of Gondor must be lit!

Try Again by Drew Thomason

Who’s to say it won’t be better this time? What could go wrong? The only way to find out is to…try again!

Road Test by Christian Hurley

A determined high schooler is forced to drive the worst car ever during her driver’s test, while her parents comes to terms with her growing up

The Barber by Darren Menezes

A man comes into a barbershop where he vents about his life.

This Is What I Look Like Naked by Ethan David

A burnt-out karaoke DJ at a dive bar in Brooklyn is overcome with envy and nostalgia after her childhood best friend-turned pop star adapts an old inside joke of theirs into a mega-hit song titled ‘This Is What I Look Like Naked.’

Two Pan Dan by Sergio Cilli

Two Pan Dan is a slacker comedy about two barely friends Dan (Rory Scovel) and Jonny (Drew Tarver). Things get kind of tense when Dan finally gets his two pan set wedding gift 8 months late from his friend Jonny only to find that one is clearly missing. Did Jonny keep one for himself and will Dan get his missing pan back?