2019 NYC Short Comedy Film Festival Selections

Session One



Directed by Mike Suchmann

Run Time: 9:15

Socks, a Czech dark comedy, follows the regrettable Jiri through an eventful and surreal day, exploring his failing marriage and the fact that all of his socks have mysteriously vanished.

Micro Love

Directed by Annaliese Eisenstadt

Run Time: 18:59

Set in the 1980s, Rocky Pastasaucioni tries to navigate his way through high school romance, whilst keeping his darkest secret: he has a micro penis. When he meets back alley penis surgeon, Dr. Beef Whistle, he must choose between the girl of his dreams and the chance to be normal.

Color Blind

Directed by Daniel Oramas

Run Time: 4:47

“I don’t see color!”

Paranormal Relativity

Directed by Anthony Moran

Run Time: 8:33

A ghost, restricted to living in one apartment after having died there, must deal with the most recent annoying tenant.


Directed by Jason Zeni 

Run Time: 10:00

As a Heist spirals out of control, a gang of criminals attempts a getaway.

Car Stealers

Directed by Christopher Guerrero

Run Time: 17:38

RAYNA, a girl with a supernatural ability to pick locks, helps ZEKE, a charismatic misfit, break into a car. Afterwards, he asks her to join his gang: ‘The Car Stealers,’ a group of ethical car thieves who steal back stolen cars.

Get Home Safe

Directed by Larissa Pruett

Run Tine: 7:26

Joystick Games created 3rd person adventure game, ‘Get Home Safe.’ The object of the game is to walk home from the bar as a woman, and get home safe.

Five Months

Directed by Dan Sloan

Run Time: 8:53

An “interesting” first date…

Session Two


White Slate

Directed by Alex Wood

Run Time: 12:09

A man discovers unsavory details about his girlfriend as he attempts to help her regain her memory after a car accident.


Directed by Eileen Hanley

Run Time: 7:00

Shelley is a small-town squirrel on a mission. Watch Shelley as she takes on New York City, getting in and out of pickles, making friends, and falling in love, all while pursuing her dreams of being a Broadway star. Shelley does it all with a smile on her face. Because who run the world? Squirrels.

My Wild Irish Rose

Directed by Jim Harkins 

Run Time: 13:38

My Wild Irish Rose tells the story of Steve and Rose at the beginning of their relationship. They meet at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and spend a crazy day on the streets of Manhattan. Just as they’re falling in love Steve finds out that Rose is bipolar and manic depressive. Now this couple needs to figure out how to make their relationship work.

Breaking the I.C.E

Directed by Alejandra Hinojosa 

Run Time: 13:46

When an ICE officer on the hunt, seriously hurt in her front yard, a beautiful undocumented immigrant puts her safety on the line to come to his aid.

Behind Closed Doors.

Directed by Bianca Armbruster

Run Time: 5:00

A slice of life, romantic comedy about a modern couple’s Saturday morning habits. Lana and Carter equally love being with each other as much as their alone time. Companionship is being comfortable being your whole selves, awkward, unkempt, imperfect and occasionally appalling; but sometimes there are just some things best left, alone.

Brain Engagement

Directed by Patrick Neff

Run Time: 16:00

An inside look at Ben’s brain on the day he proposes to his girlfriend, Anna. Don’t overthink it….

190 Lorimer Web Series

Directed by Dustin Knoop

Run Time: 16:27

An original 7-episode comedy series where each episode is centered on a different resident of a Williamsburg brooklyn condo.

Short Sketch Session


En Duo

Directed by Adrien Cohen

Run Time: 3:36

How does a regular Tinder date work?

The Beach House

Directed by William Bradley

Run Time: 4:30

Old Ben, a lonely man living in a beach house, tosses a message in a bottle into the waves, hoping to find a friend. He receives messages back, and he and the young man he corresponds with soon figure out that they are the same person, 70 years apart.

Famous Actor Preparing

Directed by Stanley Sievers

Run Time: 4:00

An actor forces a stage manager to watch him do an obnoxious preparation before a show.

Do You Like It?

Directed by Shelby Wolstein

Run Time: 3:24

This short is about a waitress and the burden of making choices for others.

My Roommate is a Nazi

Directed by Gady Shemesh

Run Time: 3:44

Eddie and his roommate don’t get along.

The Dealer

Directed by Owen Kneeland

Run Time: 2:47

A “drug dealer” is presented with a difficult client who is in need of his fix.

The Fancy Drunk

Directed by William Douglas Turner

Run Time: 5:16

Fancy Drunk, (n.) – An individual who, upon consumption of alcohol, demonstrates a Benjamin Button-like reversal of inebriation: the more alcohol consumed, the greater their articulation and mental faculties become.

The Pumpkin Curse

Directed by Lars Midthun and Jack Kelly 

Run Time: 4:42

Jack buys magic pumpkins a very witch-lady told him not to carve. Lars refuses to listen and receives The Pumpkin Curse

Nuclear Knack Knacks

Directed by Francisco Solorzano

Run Time: 4:30

Fear of the apocalypse spreads across a quaint NYC cafe, but will it capture the attention of two self-absorbed millennials, chatting at an ungodly volume?

Ancestry DNA Spoof

Directed by Kimberly Bollard

Run Time: 1:04

What are you? A young woman takes an Ancestry DNA test and finds out she isn’t Italian, but in fact, 100% juggalo.

Sex Bomb

Directed by Michael Gene Conti

Run Time: 3:37

The blood starts pumping when a rough-neck SWAT team faces off against a ticking time bomb that only one of them has the “equipment” to defuse.

Five Second Rule

Directed by Sarah Bartley

Run Time: 3:13

We’ve all justified a floor encounter with The Five Second Rule, but what happens if you cross the line of what’s permissible?

The Pitch

Directed by Devon Mussett

Run time: 5:41

It’s a classic tale. Two filmmakers. One movie executive. 5 minutes on the clock, And a whole lotta dreams on the line.

Parent Teacher Conference

Directed by Charlie Mihelich

Run Time: 3:00

A mom attends a parent-teacher conference for her son and has a shocking revelation.

Face Cake

Directed by Colin Chocola

Run Time: 2:18

Some co-workers gossip. Some swallow your soul.

Ass Man

Directed by Jacqueline Anerson

Run time: 4:30

Jacqueline finally brings a date (David Edwin) home and is prepared to coach him through pleasing her, but this guy only knows how to do one thing.

The Bored Identity

Directed by Erinn Nelson

Run Time: 5:30

A dangerous man without a past, looking for the HR department.