2020 NYC Short Comedy Film Festival Selections

Session One Noon


Due to Covid-19, the NYC Short Comedy Film Festival is going digital and free. However, if you would like to help us come back next year we would appreciate if you donate the price of a movie ticket!

You can join us here… https://www.twitch.tv/nycscff. To watch all the films in the 2020 NYC Short Comedy Film Festival.

Morning Mourning

Directed by Dana Greenfield Run Time: 14:52

Morning Mourning follows two outrageously odd sisters, Pearl and Zelda, as they mourn their mother’s death at Greenwood Cemetery. Rating the lives of her deceased lady neighbors on the level of sexism they experienced in their day, the girls distract themselves from the grief of their mother’s passing through morbid humor and satirical commentary.


Directed by …

Run Time: 03:25

A first date goes very wrong.

The Man Who Became A Meme

Directed by João Rabello

Run Time: 11:37

Julio is the owner of a second-hand bookstore who hates technology. Unfortunately he wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a internet meme.

How To Save A Marriage

Directed by Eric Foss

Run Time: 08:30

An exercise meant to strengthen a new marriage becomes a painful walk down memory lane. Honesty is the hallmark of a good relationship…just not that kind of honesty.

American Marriage

Directed by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

Run Time: 14:45

Leonardo, an Italian immigrant who lives in New York, marries a Latina woman, Nikki, to obtain the American greencard. Through the comedy of it all Nikki and Leo fall in love “for real” but it looks like “Uncle Sam” will be the one to have the last laugh.

Adam Adamson: Licensed Realtor

Directed by Adriano Valentini

Run Time: 7:55

Adam Adamson is a homeless Real Estate Agent. This is his promotional video.


Directed by Katarina Hughes Run Tine: 10:01

After their friend gets her arm ripped off while taking a selfie with a hippo at the zoo, three friends and her work crush await her fate in the hospital waiting room.

Session Two 1:30 PM


It's Been Too Long

Directed by Amber Schaefer

Run Time: 07:58

Two ex-lovers meet at a rarely-used Aspen lodge to reignite their passions, but first they must confess their past sins. Directed by Amber Schaefer; written by & starring  Krista Jensen (UCB) & David Ebert  (Master of None, Ghost Story Club).

Ojos Que No Ven

Directed by Abraham Rozenbaum

Run Time: 10:55

Silvia and Fernando go on their first vacation together. On their first night in the hotel, their terrible sex life tears them apart. Seeking unusual solutions to their problem the vacation becomes an adventure that could flip their relationship upside down. left, alone.


Directed by Melanie Jones

Run Time: 17:05

Winnie Callaghan puts the bad in Badminton. She should have had it all, the medals, the fame, the glory – but an unfortunate accident took all that away. When her former rival announces a charity game at her local club, Winnie will stop at nothing to prove she’s a winner. Meanwhile a young filmmaker hired by her brother captures more than he bargained for as he documents the seedy underbelly of this seemingly innocent sport

Double Date

Directed by Michael Karagiannakis

Run Time: 06:38

Nervous and excited, David visits his new friend Emily for their first dinner date and brings along a bottle of wine and his tactless alter ego

I Think My Girlfriend F***ed Jake Gyllenhaal

Directed by Max Cantor

Run Time: 16:00

Mike finds out his ex-girlfriend may have had sex with Jake Gyllenhaal, and he sets out on a strange, pathetic odyssey to find the truth.

The Human Condition

Directed by Jon Stewart

Run Time: 12:16

Davis is experiencing an illness the likes of which no one has ever seen. It’s quite unfortunate, really. And nobody seems to be too concerned about it.

Session Three 3 PM


Happy Birthday

Directed by Al Sutton

Run Time: 11:16

A family from out of town visits their daughter.  She’s having a great time in New York, and tells them ALL about it… One person’s ecstasy can become another person’s nightmare.

Application Video

Directed by Jacob Buczewski Run Time: 05:52

A young man descends into madness as he tries to introduce himself in a graduate school application video.apart.

Pretty Dead

Directed by Inga Moren Tapias

Run Time: 08:14

One Heartbeat From Stardom.   Official Selections of:  HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival Windy City International Film Festival Sem-Finalist Official Latino Short Film Festival Miami Independent Film Festival 2019 Monthly Mindie Marthas Vineyard International Film Festival YoFiFest, The Yonkers Film Festival Imagine This International Film Festival Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival  Synopsis: Since Carol Mortimer played the pivotal Wicked Witch of the East role in her high school play, she wanted to be an actress. Landing in New York City with stars in her eyes, she soon got her big break as she — and the industry — realized she had a very special niche talent. Through all versions of Law and Order, CSI — and nearly every Investigation Discovery true crime show — Ms. Mortimer has honed her craft. Now, she allows the Pretty Dead filmmakers unprecedented access. We get a glimpse of her skills for success and of her teaching her secrets to others in her sought-after classes. And we wait with her to hear if she’s landed the role of a, um, lifetime.


Directed by Jason Hightower

Run Time: 18:00

If grinding in the bustling streets of NYC isn’t enough for a Broadway actress, an uninvited ‘guest’ in her apartment might be just the thing to put her over the edge.

Ghost Finders

Directed by Tyler Perry

Run Time: 06:48

Alexi gets ghosted and tries to reconnect with his ghoster with the help of Dax Leopard.

Seven Seconds

Directed by David W. Bertoni

Run Time: 05:32

A time travel comedy of very limited duration.

No Filter

Directed by Tim Owens

Run time: 03:54

Two beautiful strangers find romance in a New York City bar with a questionable outcome the next morning.

T.I.O.L.I. Revolt: We're Not Going To Take It (Or Leave It)

Directed by Andrew Cromartie, Janet Forest

Run Time: 09:54

The regulars of Nantucket’s Take It Or Leave It are met with a crisis when a new policy is put in place.

Session Four Sketch Comedy 4:30 PM


The Wrong Swipe

Directed by Brendan Cleaves

Run Time: 03:00

A new dating app has unusual side effects.

Loretta Lynn Gives Directions

Directed by Malorie Cunningham

Run Time: 03:05

Two city boys get lost on a backroad where the Queen of Country, Loretta Lynn, attempts to guide them home.

Awwwww Shit!

Directed by Nick Cocuzza

Run Time: 01:00

There’s a new game show sweeping the nation… Get ready to play, Awwwww Shit!

Divorce Settlement Meeting

Directed by Nick Polowy

Run time: 02:10

Things don’t go according to Jake’s plan during his divorce settlement meeting.

2 Ghosts - Grambam

Directed by Webb Tan, Griffin Tibbetts, Phil Reese

Run Time: 05:13

Two ghosts attempt to sneak into a movie.

Best Friends

Directed by Jeff Leaf

Run Time: 01:37

When interesting men find out that they are best friends when driving a boat.

Avenue WTF

Directed by Christine Driscoll

Run Time: 04:49

Glenn, an uptight puppeteer is fighting with his sexually free significant other, Larry, who is a puppet. Their no-nonsense psychologist, Shonda, acts a mediator for them after a disastrous audition together. During this couples counseling session, Glenn and Larry realize they want different things from life. Shonda, after suggesting co-dependency issues, recommends they spend some time apart. Drama ensues.

The Chicken Dancer

Directed by Tommy Walters

Run Time: 02:09

This chicken is having a rocky start backstage. Will they be known for more than the chicken dance?

Savage Suzy

Directed by Amanda

Run Time: 03:16

Suzy gets grounded and is not happy about it, so she decides to perform a diss track aimed at her family.

Brotherly Love

Directed by Kristen Ballard, Katie Johantgen

Run Time: 03:46

When Drinkle tries to join the Beta Theta Iota Fraternity, his high expectations of loving, brotherly relationships are put to the test. (Comedy)

The Sync

Directed by Kylie Newman

Run Time: 03:30

There is a dark and horrific tale that if one girl bleeds, they all do.

Tarka Wolf presents

Directed by Sara Lohman

Run Time: 02:07

Tarka heads to Venice CA to investigate to the scooter, in particular “The Bird”. Where did this magical creature come from? and what does the future hold for it with over population out of control?

Word on the Street

Directed by Sean Parker, Austin Hillebrecht

Run Time: 04:52

For the duration of this creation, a pair of mobsters engage in a wordplay-filled conversation. The combination of Noir-style confrontation and a rhyme infatuation makes the film an inspiration. The filmmakers hope it garners your appreciation and earns a hearty recommendation.

SlapNuts Comedy - Dad Dome

Directed by Jason Ortiz

Run Time: 02:20

When dads need to get involved in a kid fight, they settle it in THE DAD DOME! Two dads enter, one dad leaves… but not with dignity.

FaceDate Commercial

Directed by Mary Corigliano

Run Time: 02:10

FaceApp’s new feature, FaceDate, eliminates any worry of what’ll happen when someone gets slapped in the face by father time.

Coffee! You can sleep when you're dead!

Directed by Avery Miritello

Run Time: 01:39

A short film about a man who loves coffee!  He also happens to be a hitman…

Santa Force

Directed by David Zayas Jr.

Run Time: 05:25

Santa Force: We See You When You’re Sleeping, We Know When You’re Awake.


Directed by Becca E. Davis

Run Time: 03:10

A brief battle of the sexes revolving around the time-old request : Send nudes.

Instagram Betches

Directed by Andy Zou, Patricia Sabulis

Run Time: 03:08

Being an Influencer isn’t as easy as it seems….